Monday, September 5, 2016


Your truth is yours alone.
When you are in your own presence,
fully aware of your body and breath,
inhabiting your space
and paying attention,
you know it.

You can seize it. It's yours.

You don't have to do what someone else
tells you to do,
in that moment.
You can hear them.
You can honor them.
But in the deepest honoring
of yourself,
you can comply
with your own truth.

Go within and ask yourself,
what truth could be so bad
that you would reject yourself,
banish yourself, punish yourself,
like an angry grandmother or father
or uncle
who saw what you did alone that day
and shamed you to your soul,
with dirt on their own hands.

What is that truth which would keep you running away?

Who loved you, who loves you?
Is it unconditional? Can you feel
unconditional love?
Can you give it to yourself
so much that
you can tell the truth
to yourself?

Then you are undivided.
Then you are strong.

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