Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Root down into the firmament,
and lift up your spirit!
Do your practice.
Meditate, or contemplate, or pray,
or sing, or run, or dance, or paint,
break through the trance however you can.

Do this in your way
on your terms
in your time
in your space
in your body
in your mind
in your heart.

Where is God? In you.
Behind you,
in front of you,
beside you,
above you,
below you,
sending power to you
and through you,
propelling you forward
on your course,
through your orbit.

No matter
what power hungry leaders
and groups
tell you about how you
Should think
Should speak
Should act
Should earn your money
Should spend your money
Should spend your time
Should say
Should do...

Sink to your depths and rise to your heights,
you Gods and Goddesses of Humanity.
We have held back our own power for too long.

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