Thursday, September 8, 2016


Tiny tweaks, tinkering a little bit
this way or that way,
like moving a lens one millimeter
to the right, or focusing the lens
the smallest amount,
will dramatically alter experience.

Habitual attitudes and opinions,
clung to like tattered life rafts
in a hurricane,
can mean living or dying,
sooner or later.

Rock hard or malleable,
proud or humble,
unyielding or surrendered,
fully ripe or still growing on the vine?

What will it be for you?
Restlessness, pain, discomfort
can be harbingers of growth,
or predictors of impending death,
not only of the body,
but of the soul,
your soul,
which you know you have.

It matters. You matter.
Start piecing it all together
and find a way to stay

with Us.

Open arms are always waiting.

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