Wednesday, September 14, 2016


What can't you accept?
Identify your taboos.
What if they show up?

Don't try to banish,
simply let them go away
without wincing or bracing.

Don't try to avoid,
pretending they are absent.
Meet them at the door.

Look them in the eye.
There is space in you for all
you think you can't face.

Critique and reject
and scrub away the dirty
bits and pieces of your life.

Call out bad actions
and bad words and ideas:
watch them reappear.

All that you reject
lies dormant in your psyche
just waiting to reemerge.

Judgment and dismay
become your mode of being
so you are depressed.

Then you turn to God,
your idea of Perfect,
some future reality.

Doing rituals
which make you feel protected
from the things you hate.

You say lock the doors,
keep all the windows covered:
bad people outside!

You criticize all,
working towards your Heaven
some Hell lurking within.

You hate in others
what you reject in yourself.
Try to be open.

It is not too late
to soften your perspective
finding a new way.

Faith is seeing love,
embracing the possible,
releasing strictures.

I can't make you see
or make peace with your demons.
You gave birth to them.

Instead of control,
let all the chaos inside
the sanctuary.

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