Thursday, September 1, 2016


I feel finitude. The fragility and priceless poignancy
of this life,
with every indication that it has always been
so very good,
And I don't need to detach from everything
or rise above or keep trying to climb levels
to see over some imaginary fence or wall.

For me there are no barriers
other than the End which is coming for sure,
I know. And this life is Holy, I am indeed
this body, and the mind, too, and the
Consciousness is in all of it, but I can be
all of it,
without having to shed anything.

I wish that I could be at once in many places,
so just maybe that is a future which exists
for me and you.

We are here for each other,
all of us.

I wish that I could comfort everyone who needs it.
Some people who have needed comfort from me never got it,
and other people,
I want to go to them and say,
"let me help you with this,"
but it's an imposition.
And so we are all here for each other,
with choices to make in our precious lives
as to where we spend our time and who we are with,
who we think about and who we let in,
into this finitude.

In that future beyond the End of you and me
maybe we will be We and everyone is comforted
and no one has to ask or impose or say,
"hold me" or "let me hold you now."

Don and Maxine Simpson, married 62 years, died on the same day

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