Friday, September 2, 2016


Eyes beginning to focus,
zooming in on fingers, a hand,
what's this? A foot! Toes!
What can the baby do with her body?
How does she love it?

Watching infants and toddlers
move and navigate space,
is a study in how
we move
as we feel, according to our needs,
according to pleasure and pain
and natural balance.

Keep watching, keep asking, keep moving
with Respect
and Awe
and Love
love love your body.
Your heart beats out the Rhythm
of your Life.

Admire, immerse, luxuriate
in your bodies,
Appreciate the beauty and
of all bodies as they perpetuate

Remember the first times you noticed
the Glory
of the body
of the Other,
on the subway seeing a muscle flex,
a shirt lift,
watching a boy
or girl
do a pull-up
and play
moving freely and with ease
and Joy.

Bodies are a source of

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