Saturday, June 21, 2014

Time in a Bottle

From a furnished apartment,
in a dreary London neighborhood,
completely solitary at 29,
3 days after 9/11,
longing for some kind of purpose,
I could not imagine
a day with feathery
and watercolor clouds,
dotting a bright blue sky,
the Olympics theme song
playing in the background,
surrounded by a group 
of 20 children,
their parents and guardians,
some people who guard me 
and some people I guard,
and an ensuing 180 minutes
of facilitating glee,
and thinking,
If I could stop time now,
would I do it? 

This is what I truly dreamed of
when I was a kid,
more so than the things I dreamed about
when I was 22, or 25, and wanted to be

When you feel like this,
then you know,
it's now, not earlier, not later,
not a goal, or an end.
You don't know about
or nirvana,
or samadhi,
or anything so lofty. 
You know about happiness,
and realize it's momentary. 

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