Monday, June 9, 2014

Distracted Devotion

He asked,
Do you always think of me when I'm gone?
He said,
It's OK if you don't, because I don't think of you.
He hesitated,
I get too distracted.
I said,
I do think of you throughout the day, so often.
And then I forget and am distracted by a million things,
but some of them remind of me of you.

I do think of him,
of his smile,
of his laughter,
of time we spend together,
when someone says,
Imagine the face of a person you love.
Recall a moment of lightheartedness.
Think of something that makes you smile.
Lying there on the floor,
with ten other barefoot people,
I think of him.

Devotion is this,
bringing the mind back to where the heart rests,
bringing the heart up to the mind,
and the mind down to the heart.
Finding that person, that ideal, that experience,
which brings us to that place we'd rather be,
but instead we get too distracted.
To me, it feels like love.
And the thought of different people takes me there.
And thinking of God.
Thinking of the face of God,
Who is faceless with so many faces,
nameless with so many names.
But I know when my mind is resting in God's heart,
where my heart rests,
even when I am too distracted.

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