Tuesday, June 17, 2014


If it's Mind over Matter, what is over the Mind?

Where's the terminus on this line,
or is there one?
Are we going in circles?

So many obstacles line the route,
on any given day,
not to mention one lifetime. 

The Mind seems to create more derailments than it fixes,
we manage to harness it. 

The Mind is powerful. 
Memory, Concentration,
Deduction, Calculation,
Suggestion, Illusion,
Imagination and Dreams.
How do we put all of these in our service?

When we're ill, when we're stuck,
discouraged, flummoxed,
the Mind can seem like an enemy,
rather than a friend. 

What restrains the Mind,
eases the Body,
resets almost any situation?

Spiritus Vitae,

When we master the Breath,
the Mind must follow.
When the Mind is dis-eased,
the Breath must follow.

Where do we grab the reins and pull?
Are thoughts the reins?
Or could it be simpler?

over Mind,
over Matter,
is the direct route 
out of the circle. 

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