Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tidal Dream

Turquoise tidal waters massaging the sand,
Rolling into my room in soothing syncopation,
Streaming under and around all my belongings,
Enveloping the bottom of my mattress,
As I lie in my bed, half awake, aware of the sounds,
Aware of the colors.
The water, a mesmerizing blue, flowing beneath me and extending to all sides,
I see my headboard against a backdrop of aquamarine.
And then,
I am somewhere else, watching people having breakfast,
Wandering outside, the beach in my periphery,
My husband calls to me for a moment.
The arriving storm, thick darkness in the air and sky,
We all take shelter in a more defined structure,
Settling into some kind of work, we follow one another,
From room to room.
Suddenly I am so tired.
You and I, we meet on someone's couch,
Side by side,
Each aware of the other person,
Engaged in our own conventions.
I lie down again,
Breathing in time with the tidal waters,
Deep and slow,
Barely audible,
Drifting in and out of sleep,
With my head in your lap,
As you talk on the phone,
Soothed by the sound of your voice,
Whispering to myself,
"I should go."

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