Friday, June 20, 2014

How Much

How much do we really need
to say,
to do,
to have,
to be? 

How many words does it take
to convey a pure emotion,
to describe a vivid picture,
to convince a neutral witness?
I love to hear you talk, 
mostly just for the sound. 
It's enough to say only a few words,
or none,
if you talk to me some other way. 

How many actions does it take
to serve and preserve this world
and its people, plants and animals?
How many actions are unneeded,
and even harmful?
But no action is wasted. 
Everything goes into the soup.

How many things do we need
to fill us up,
to help us work,
to help us play,
to exchange with each other?
Sometimes I want to hold a thing in my hand,
or wear it, 
or use it,
just to feel it, 
or for how it makes me feel. 
But I want to move about unencumbered.

How many roles do we need to play
to make the plot work,
to form a full cast,
to feel like 
we really exist,
and people see us,
and we belong?
What are we doing,
when we are being,
and is it enough? 
If yes, then yes.
If no, then keep doing what you're doing.
If yes and no,
keep asking yourself,
and see for yourself 
how much is enough.

We can say and do and have and be so much 
to one another
that it's always enough.
It feels like enough, now. 

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