Thursday, June 19, 2014


Now is the time,
this is the moment,
when the commitment continues.
The feeling is relief, gratitude,

The flow of life moves around,
over and through me,
and everything.
From the first waking moment,
to the time I can sit here,
saying to myself,
now is the time,
I am carried along by rapids,
bumping up against rocks,
yielding with soft limbs of trees.

There is always a hope within me,
a belief that I can come back here,
and reenter this consistency.
This place within me sits and waits,
until I fall back in again,
but there is no impatience,
no struggle,
no agitation.


When we put the test out there,
on the table,
reality comes in to complete the whole paper,
inviting us to see and know,
why we commit,
how much we need
consistent, constant,
free and flowing,
soft and yielding,
unbreakable refuge.

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