Wednesday, July 9, 2014


At 10:10, or 11:11, or 12:12,
when I see the clock,
I make a wish. 
I know the wish is only good
before the minute changes,
and so the wish is simple.

Usually my wishes are for people,
for me, too, but not just for me. 

Sometimes my wish is just for you,
yes, You, singular, and plural. 
It's 9:37 right now, 
but for you, I wish deep inner peace,
a reliable sense that all is well,
to which you can always return. 

I wish for you a warm, welcoming place
in your own heart,
where you can bring each troubling thought
or circumstance, and wrap them up
in an impenetrable embrace. 

I wish for you an unshakable sense of belonging,
wherever you go in the wide world,
or in your neighborhood. 

I wish for you the granting of 
your heart's true desires,
and also freedom from your desires,
a feeling of always being satiated,
in the Now. 

I wish for you to know your own uniqueness,
and to wholly love it. 

I wish for you an invigorating embrace,
a forehead kiss,
from the Goddess,
as you awake each morning,
the kind, strong hand of Father God,
to cradle your head as you place it upon your pillow,
each night,
an angelic presence to bless you, guide you, 
watch and protect you as you sleep,
and always.

I wish for you to know and feel and be,

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