Friday, July 4, 2014


People matter more than plans,
feelings dominate circumstance,
no matter the number or the weather,
how can you keep your soul together?

Not what you do, 
or who's with you,
or what you desired,
but being inspired!

To be fulfilled,
you must be skilled,
to find the Divine,
in your own mind.

The people around you,
sometimes you choose them,
sometimes they astound you,
you'll always lose them.
You can't control most events,
you can't force things to make any sense.

You hear people say, "be like me!"
"Follow my path and you'll be free!"
You'll see them fall, you'll see them scatter,
their image and their acclaim won't matter.

No one escapes suffering and pain,
every one of us, sane or insane,
will follow this path to our death,
each of us have to breathe a last breath. 

How will you fly before you die?
What is the limit of your sky?
What are you hoarding inside your account?
Experience or money, and in what amount? 

Is it your body, your car or your house?
Is it your knowledge or is it your spouse?
What is it that makes you truly stand out?
When you go to your grave, can you boast of your clout?

Do you care about now, or just how it looks?
Is it what's in your heart, or what's on your books?
Why do you think that you need to sell me?
What is that secret you just can't tell me? 

You think you seem strong, but I see you, honey,
You bleed through your eyes and you fix it with money.
Your soul is in prison, your mind is the guard,
Life isn't like this, but you make it hard.

I see how you suffer, behind your mask,
Your blood's on the sidewalk but I don't dare ask,

Can I give you a hand? 

You know better.
You're a special kind of addict,
responsible for your own intervention. 
Look out for your own heart,
before it stops. 
Please beware of misguiding the less fortunate,
who look up to you. 

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