Friday, July 11, 2014


A coming together of people,
a temporary group formation
of individuals,
from different homes and different cultures,
of varying ages, sizes and proclivities,
joining in one accord.

This can be serious.
This can be powerful,
a statement,
a game changer.

This can also be lighthearted,
playfully aimless,
intentionally frivolous,
a kind of undoing of the usual doing. 

A celebration,
in honor of nothing, 
or everything.

An exchange
of food, drink, words, ideas, energy,
personal space,
and collective space.
A giving forth and a taking in,
of what is already shared 
among a group. 

When a space is only personal,
only familial,
only private,
there is one kind of energy,
like a thin line,
like a slow and steady stream of water,
like a hummed tune.

When a personal, familial space
is thrown open,
doors and windows and gates
are opened,
and its elements are shared and consumed
by many,
the energy is enriched and amplified,
like a wide rainbow swath of color and light,
like a rushing river,
like an orchestral symphony. 

What was stale before
becomes raw again.
What was old before
turns over to the new. 

Banquet, by Alexandre Franc

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