Sunday, July 6, 2014

Certain Knowledge

Names of films and actors,
facts I learned for the bar exam,
the plots of my favorite novels,
words in French and Spanish,
both Japanese phonetic alphabets,
measurements for things I've baked
three hundred times,
I just can't remember. 

How many times per day
my heart beats,
how many miles I drive in a week,
how many calories are in a sandwich,
how many people can fit in my living room,
how many dreams I have in a night,
I just don't know.

What you said to me yesterday,
how you looked at me a year ago,
how your complexion shifts with the seasons,
or with your moods,
the cadence of your speech,
the way you cross your ankles,
and fold your hands,
I just can't forget. 

I could fill volumes with every detail of the time I spend with you. 

The mind forgets easily but the heart always remembers,
and I am confidently certain,
I love you. 

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