Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Accepting something you can't explain
does not equate with being insane.

Pledging your full allegiance to reason
may not serve your heart in every season.

Just because an idea seems true
can't guarantee that it won't make you blue.

People who love to prove they are right
often get caught in the snares of spite.

When we draw a fence around what we allow,
there is not enough space for growth in the Now.

                               * * *

At a point in your life when you cease to be open,
you're not smart or sophisticated or safe.
You're just CLOSED.

When you're closed you hold on and cover up
you reject
you deride
It's not Them. It's You.

What if you didn't know?
Not Knowing.

Grace needs a Space
to enter.

Hope, Joy, Wonder,
even Peace,
elude the Hard,

Can you Love and not Understand?

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