Monday, August 22, 2016


Shoes go on feet,
gloves on hands,
briefs on bottoms,
hats on heads,
chapstick on lips,
lotion on skin,
rings on digits,
polish on nails,
necklaces around
the neck.

As with the body,
so with the mind.

No one who could benefit
will listen to this,
I know:

Do not try
to use the same methods
of rational analysis you use
(with your mind, let the reader
for reading a news article
filled with reported facts,
as you use to analyze
an ink blot test.

Stop and think about that.

We can all be rational.
Smart people know
to use different aspects of
the intellect
to interpret
different data
and phenomena,
such as:

and this shit:
Tarot cards
Doreen Virtue Angel Cards
(suck back the vomit in your
Psychic readings
Shit you hear about crystals
(use it like an ink blot test,
conjure your inner Jung, people)
and Reiki (go within and use your
brain and inner strength
to channel your energy to heal

Healing arts are arts,
not sciences,
but arts and sciences
AND: they work,
like Freudian and Jungian analysis
and Indigenous Medicine.
You make it ALL work.
Don't make it all literal.
If you do that,
it makes you light years

if you are a crystal healer
reiki healer
or psychic,
Do not try to make it
literal, empirical or
scientifically reasoned.

Don't wear a fucking hat
on your feet,
in other words.

Christ alive, people!
Get on with it, then.

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