Sunday, August 14, 2016


Nothing unnatural about the trajectory.

Choose a random starting point,

Ask no questions,

Keep nothing in your pockets,

Stay open,

Wait without waiting,

See without looking,

Listen without eavesdropping,

Take no credit for anything.

Revel in the mystery. 

No one can make this happen. 

Cataclysmic but not sudden,

gradually the slow moving molten substance,
felt but never seen,
spreads over a larger area until 
light and heat emanate 
from your hands and feet
and chest
and the top of your head.

Who can see it in your eyes
the steady life-giving flame,
it will not burn your house down,
or lay waste to your village.
This fire will nourish you
as you feel it burn.

It hurts a little,
like everything underlying 
creation and transformation. 

Gratias tibi. 

FireHand photo by maphimi

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