Thursday, April 16, 2015

Row Me Home

Closing my eyes, this is what I see,
On this pond, in this row boat,
With you rowing me. 

Fresh in my mind's eye,
the green and the pink,
vibrantly stirring my thoughts,
and I think.

And then I don't think,
my thoughts are thinking me. 
And you are rowing me.

I don't see you, 
but I feel you,
I remember you, yes. 

Familiar, so familiar...

I'm knowing you, and even more,
you're knowing me. 

I'm resting, and rocking,
the little oars are knocking,
I can hear and feel and taste 
the water,
my body in the sun,
my heart in my chest.

A passage in my mind is opening,
you're taking me there,
I'm bringing you with me,

And you row me home. 

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