Friday, April 17, 2015

A Blessing Meditation

As a human being, we each have such great power,
so much more than we realize, to create, to heal and to bless
ourselves, our loved ones, our community at large,
and all of the world around us.

Pulsating within each of us,
a strong heart,
an electric energy,
a spark of the heat and fire
at the heart of the Universe.

Take a moment,
and look at your hands.
Touch them together,
and bring them apart,
and then slowly back together,
and apart again.
Bring your hands in closer and closer to one another,
and feel the energy moving from one hand to the other.
Feel the power, heat and energy in your hands.

Find a place to sit or lie down comfortably,
with your eyes closed.
Rub your hands together until they are hot,
then place them over your eyes,
gently pressing the heels of your hands into your eyes,
with your fingertips on your forehead,
blessing your eyes, blessing your brain,
connecting to your own power to bless.

Know that you can bless yourself with your thoughts,
and bless others through your eyes,
when you look at them through the lens of love.

Move your hands over your throat,
and bless your voice and your speech,
connecting to your power to bless through your words,
and the quality of your voice,
which is yours alone, your unique and precious voice,
a vehicle for blessings.

Move your hands over your chest,
and breathe into your heart space,
feeling your chest lift up into your hands,
realizing you are blessed with each in breath,
and each out breath.

Move your hands over your belly,
and breathe into your belly,
blessing your digestive system.

Move your hands down your body now,
over your hips, sliding them down your legs,
all the way to your feet,
and bless your feet for carrying you through the spaces you walk,
each day.

Come back to sit or stand with open eyes,
clear mind, clear eyes, clear throat, clear chest,
clear heart, clear lungs, clear belly, clear body,
and look back at your hands, and spread your blessing arms wide.

Go into the rest of your day and be a blessing to this Earth and its people. That's why you're here. 

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