Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vulnerability Builds Confidence

Instead of hiding our vulnerability, what if we embraced it? What would it feel like to allow transparency instead of building more walls, to know that we are acceptable just as we are, to open up to the vulnerability of our partners instead of backing away? Embracing vulnerability is part of owning our truth, and goes along with the yogic ethical practice of satya, respecting truth.

Some yoga practitioners and teachers use video diaries as part of their personal practice and teaching. Initially I was very shy and skeptical of sharing videos of my practice, yet I enjoyed watching others' videos. Now, sharing some of my practice videos helps me to embrace my vulnerability and get comfortable with it as a teacher. It helps me with satya and also with surrender and self-confidence. On a lighter and perhaps unrelated note, it's just fun... and creative... The following six videos are of my home practice, background noise, dog, snow, flaws and all! I really love practicing in pajamas!

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