Monday, March 9, 2015


As the ground begins to thaw,
the seeds and bulbs of Spring
under the ice and snow
and piles of dead leaves.

As hope always persists
in the face of death,
exuberance appears in the wake of loss,
creation equalizing destruction,
light balancing dark,
heat tempering cold,
action completing inaction.

Always following,
in tune with an involuntary awakening,
our bodies respond to the cyclical stimuli
of death, rebirth and growth,
as the Earth spins on,
1.8 deaths per second,
undeterred by mourning.

Come out of your shadows,
chimeric illusions in a flimsy,
phony world.
Slip into the power
of the raw, animating force
which drives your sun, your seasons,
your tides,

and flow.

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