Wednesday, September 23, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine: Some Good News

Guess what?  Those of us residing in the US can stop worrying about the adjuvants squalene and MF59 in the swine flu vaccine.  This is recent and pertinent news that may calm the nerves of borderline conspiracy theorists.  If you don't believe me, check out this New York Times article from September 21, 2009:

If you don't trust health articles from the New York Times, check out what Dr. Sears has to say about the four swine flu vaccines that have just been approved by the FDA:

If you don't trust the FDA and you are scared of a corporate and government conspiracy to inject you with poison, I can't help you. 

Vaccine technology is complicated.  Really, really complicated.  I have no background in immunology or medicine, thus I have nothing of original value to say on the topic.  I can only point to sources that I deem reliable.  In my humble opinion, conspiracy theorists are not only unreliable sources of scientific information--they are also delusional paranoids. 

Today I read one of the more insane articles I have ever encountered.  It was written by a somewhat well-known francophone conspiracy theorist by the name of Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur.  This man holds a Master's degree in Physics from a Belgian university and he dropped out of his doctoral program.  He is now a self-proclaimed scientist, philosopher and alternative health specialist.  He lives in Canada.  Need I say more?  His full-time cause is campaigning against the new H1N1 vaccine.  He claims that international elites have seized the swine flu pandemic as an opportunity to declare martial law in countries across the globe.  He also advises everyone to avoid the vaccine since it is designed to cause harm and possibly death.  He warns that the US military has been running training operations to track down and imprison anyone who refuses the vaccine.  Last but not least, he claims that those receiving the vaccine will be given bracelets with embedded tracking devices so that the military will be able to constantly monitor the location of civilians.  Yikes.  I can't even believe I'm blogging about this. 

Patently crazy conspiracy theories aside, why is it that so many people are paranoid?  I get it that we need to do our own research and remain cognizant of Big Pharma's profit motives.  I understand some reluctance to trust a government agency with the oversight of our well-being, in any respect.  Government agencies are run by humans and humans are fallible.  Bureaucrats are arguably more fallible than the rest of us, but why all of the uproar over the creation of this new vaccine?  Yes, it's never been used before.  Yes, the current strain of swine flu produces only mild symptoms in most people.  Nonetheless, there is now demand for a new vaccine and pharmaceutical companies are filling it.  Other flu shots are given every year.  The only difference this time is a new virus and a pandemic.  There is concern over vaccine shortages, especially in less developed countries.  This is how adjuvants entered the picture.  Adjuvants make it possible for more vaccine to be fabricated.  Since there is sufficient supply of the new vaccine in the US, adjuvants will not be used here.  Vaccines with adjuvants have been sold to European countries.  These adjuvants are already being used in European vaccines.  They will become increasingly important as we attempt to provide better preventive care to larger numbers of people, in the US and worldwide.  This is a good thing.  More protection for more people, regardless of the illness, is generally better than nothing. 

Common sense does not equal ignorance or stupidity.   Paranoia equals psychosis.  End of story.


  1. where have you found Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur's essay in english?

  2. I did not read it in English. I am fluent in French and have done professional translation, in addition to teaching French at the college level. I don't read French authors in English. Sorry I can't help you out.