Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Gifts

From me to you, an at-home in your pajamas practice you can do tonight or tomorrow to welcome in 2017! I send you all love and the highest wishes and vibrations.

Also, here is my digital New Year's Card, some scenes from our front yard in winter with delightful birds and squirrels, and a few haiku verses celebrating our deep connection to nature and the earth, and to each other. 

NEW YEARS BLESSING & POEM: #haiku #verses
Birds, beasts and people - In harmony with Nature - May we always live. 
Finding solace in - unbreakable connection - to our sacred Earth. 
Spirit manifest - in every cell and atom - man, woman and child. 
Holiness and Light - continuous, non-dual - Symphony of Life. #flow #harmonize #realize#nonduality

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