Friday, March 4, 2016

All Is Well

To look around you,
to listen to stories,
to read all the words,
to hear the alarm bells,
succumbing to the sirens,
you could start to believe something insidious,
something corrosive.

At the heart of the Universe,
at the heart of the world,
at the heart of you,
there is an Equilibrium.

No matter the winds,
the powers,
the forces,
igniters of revolution,
voices crying calamity,
signaling the cycle of lack and plenty,
sickness and health, birth and death,
and ever-present dis-ease:

All Is Well. There is Ease. There is a Center Point from which everything flows in,
and flows out,
and in that Eye of the Storm,
it is peaceful.

Remember this,
not only in fleeting angst and discomfort,
but in sweet moments, in the midst of pleasure.

There are so many people, places and things
and I am one,
yet I am One,
so I am well,
and All Is Well.

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