Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Come Home

A baby, emerging into the world,
takes a first breath. From this moment,
the breath is home.

The health of the body is nourished and sustained by the breath.

The state of the mind is reflected in the state of the breath.

As we breathe, so we are.

Whatever is happening inside or outside,
the breath is present.

When we sleep, we breathe. When we work, we breathe.
When we laugh, and when we cry, we breathe.

In each moment, when we come home to ourselves, we come home to our breath.

When we leave this world, we breathe our last breath.

As long as we live, we cannot escape the presence and the power of the breath.

To consciously breathe is to come home to who we are.

Our breath knows us intimately. Our breath knows us better than we know it.

Let the breath be your guide and your refuge. Keep your focus on your breath,
experiencing the wonder of your being, the miracle of your life.

The powerful simplicity of concentration on the breath is a blessed remedy to our ills.

Come home to your breath, and rest.

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