Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Gift of Prayer

Prayer is always a gift. When you pray alone, it is a gift to God and to yourself. When you pray with others, it is a gift to them and to God.

Prayer changes based on whom you are praying with and for, and it flows from
the heart. If your heart is not open, you will be constricted in praying spontaneously for others and with others. Many of us live more from our heads than from our hearts. On a day when you know you will offer prayer for people in need, perform actions that open the heart: recall what recent blessings and synchronicities have graced your life; recall your failings and the forgiveness
you have received; sing; or open your heart center in the body through yoga or dance.

Always speak the names of the people present with you in your prayers and thank
God for them. When praying in a group of 8 or fewer, every person in the room
can be lifted up to God personally by name with specific needs, however small.
In a larger group, the collective body and their needs are expressed, sometimes with attention given to certain ones who have requested prayer.

In prayers for healing, the ailments and specific body parts affected are named
and the desired transformation in the body is described in as much detail as
possible. It is very helpful to mention the tissues and cells of the body, to
speak to them and bless them. The body responds to spoken prayer and inspired
voice commands amazingly quickly.

Prayers are sealed with love and gratitude. In whatever way your heart directs
you, offer praise and thanks to God and gratitude for all those present as you
close your prayer.

In your life, remember the words of Paul and pray without ceasing. Our lives are living prayers.

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