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Me and my Mini-Girls

Very early in our relationship, my husband told me he was a "breast man," which proves he really loves me for me, because I am a not busty chick.  In spite of that fact,  I must admit I have always liked my breasts.  I am writing about this because I want to help EVERYONE (men too) to LOVE their own bodies.  That's right, even the guys with the man boobs!  I feel a sort of connection to those guys, because the general consensus is that men aren't supposed to look that way.  By the same token, women are given all sorts of suggestions from puberty through old age about the importance of their breasts, more for form than for function, SO: when a girl has barely noticeable breasts, she gets sent a message that she is unfeminine or undesirable.

Our media and images of women in our culture tend to glorify what Tina Fey calls "doll tits."  Honeys, if you've got doll tits, flaunt 'em if it feels good!  I completely support the many women I know who adore …

On Islam

Following are the contents of our exam on Islam, using Huston Smith's The World's Religions as a guidebook in addition to The Koran and other Muslim texts as cited herein. 

ISLAM1.What does “Allah” mean? According to Muslim tradition, how are Jews and Muslims related? How would you express the term “the Seal of the Prophets”?
The literal meaning of Allah is “the God,” the definite article al translated as “the,” and llah, translated as God.  The article is “the” and not “a,” because according to Islam there is but one God. 
Islam is one of the three Abrahamic faiths, along with Judaism and Christianity.  The Arabs consider themselves a Semitic people, meaning that they, like the Jews are descended from Shem, the son of Noah (Semite means descendant of Shem).  Muslims believe that Adam was the first man, and his descendants led to Noah, and then Shem.  Abraham was among the descendants of Shem, and Muslims consider themselves sons of Abraham.  This brings to mind the children’s…

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