Monday, February 6, 2012

Journaling with Jesus

One of our current study modules in interfaith seminary is spiritual practice.  What are the things we do in our day-to-day lives to maintain our relationship with the Divine?  How do we connect and draw our strength from Spirit?

One of our deans is a writing teacher, in addition to her ministry work.  She has been teaching composition for many years and is currently finishing her doctoral dissertation.  Yesterday in class, she led a spiritual writing exercise for us.  The method she taught is very similar to the practice of lectio divina, wherein the writer chooses a text, reads it, meditates on it and then writes about it.  She said that writing is her preferred method for receiving messages from the Divine or from her higher self.  She instructed us to connect with that presence and then begin to journal after reading our selected text.  It was similar to writing a letter to God and then immediately writing the reply back to ourselves.  I found that it was effortless and automatic to write the reply and my sense was that this will be a new spirit-filled practice for me.

My relationship with the Divine is centered around Jesus Christ, although I pull from many faiths in my spiritual practices and study of sacred scriptures.  My spiritual walk is somewhat similar to that of the Hindu or Yogi who chooses an ishta-devata (one, cherished divinity or godhead on whom worship and prayer are centered).  Hinduism teaches that while there is only one God and one Truth, the names by which God is called are many.  So for me, the name is Jesus (Yeshua Hamaschiach).  

Spiritual journaling is not new by any means, and it is something that Christians practice.  While researching spiritual journaling and Christianity, I stumbled upon this link about hearing God and the practice of "Two-way Journaling":

There are many biblical passages dealing with the practice of connecting with the "still, small voice" of God and hearing directly from Him, as well as an abundance of biblical teachings on discernment.  In my spiritual journaling practice, I want to be able to discern truth, because journaling in this way is akin to channeling.  As one of our deans mentioned, many people associate channeling with "the devil" and we are forewarned to rely on God's protection and wisdom in interpreting the words we receive.

I would like to share my journal entry from our class exercise this weekend.  I asked a simple question and wrote out the answer below in eight minutes.  I keep rereading it as it is a very love-filled and uplifting message.

Dearly Beloved,
What do I need to be most aware of in my walk right now? 

You, my darling, are the beloved.  Be aware of the beautiful synchronicity that has landed you in the exact spot where you are.  See all of the provision that has been made for you, that you have made for yourself, with your thoughts, your desires, your wishes and your prayers.  Your heart is being purified, and as that happens, your thoughts and desires are coming into alignment with your Essential Self.  This is a beautiful thing.  Trust that all of these gifts in your life are truly yours...rejoice in them and banish all guilt.  You are not to compare yourself to others.  You are, however, to grow with these kindred souls so close to you at this time.  There are many.  You have asked me to bring into your life souls who are walking your path with you.  The floodgates have been opened.  Here they are.  Commune with them.  Love them, and do not be afraid of revealing yourself, for your "self" is integrating with the whole. All of you are integrating.  Open up to receiving and giving in turn, continually.  If you feel a pull and an attraction to a person, a group or a place, don't judge what you feel.  The time for judging has past.  It is all good.  It is all light.  You are there.  Say to yourself, "I am here, now."  

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