Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unincorporated Montana, Anyone?

Normally my posts are uplifting.  I would rather write about the things I am for than the things I am against.  I would rather be defined by what I am than by what I am not.  Nonetheless, there are times when I want to vehemently stand apart from a movement, an ideology, or even a person.  I know this is not a good use of mental energy and it can actually set me back.  Tonight, I don't mind being set back a little.  I'm ready to go on vacation and spend a week in my bikini with my kids and my husband.  Here is some stuff than I am not:

1. I am not a Mommy Blogger or a She Blogger or a Marketer.

2. I am not a Holistic Mom.

3. I am not a Bible Christian.

4. I am not Political.

5. I am not in a Book Club.

6. I am not a Spinner.

7. I am not a Shopper.

8. I am not a Mini-Van Driver.

9. I am not trying to Attract Wealth.

10. I am not trying to Win Friends and Influence People.

There.  That just about covers it.  My husband says that if he had it to do over again he would be a Gay Poet Farmer in Unincorporated Montana.  I would actually like to do that too, except for the gay part.  I am attracted to men.  I don't think my husband is actually gay.  We just like the gay lifestyle, even though we are straight.  We support gay marriage. Montana seems like a beautiful state.  I have farming in my lineage.  I could spend my evenings writing poetry.  Our kids might turn out a little strange.  On the other hand, with their DNA they're already gonna be strange.  Maybe we'll bag New York for Montana one of these days.

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