Monday, December 21, 2009

Volunteer Fire Santas!

I just experienced some true Christmas joy that made me light up from the inside out.  Unexpectedly, as I was getting my youngest son into his pajamas, we heard loud fire horns and sirens followed by "Ho! Ho! Ho! Me-r-r-r-r-y Christmas!" shouted over a megaphone.  As I scrambled to the windows with my toddlers, the sound intensified.  Sure enough, a convoy of the Dobbs Ferry Volunteer Fire Trucks turned the corner and slowly made their way down our street.  The trucks were covered in colorful lights and the center truck had a large, illuminated Santa Claus sitting on top waving to every house.  Needless to say, my boys were quite impressed. 

Living in this town, I get constant reminders of why I should stay here.  Today's reason is this display of selfless holiday cheer from a group of people who already go overboard giving their time and talents outside of their day-to-day jobs.  The merry fire truck noises went on for some time, so I imagine that the volunteers were sure to cover the town from pillar to post.  I thought about my son's nursery school classmates and the sudden excitement also playing out in their homes. 

We won't be in Dobbs Ferry for Christmas this year, but more and more it is this place that I think of when I hear that song, "Oh there's no place like Home for the Holidays..." 

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