Saturday, February 4, 2017

Abiding In Our Firmament

Yoga practice (including meditation, breath work and postures) connects us to our foundation and helps us build a stronger one. We build our postures from the foundation up, and in doing so we are more balanced, stronger and better able to grow into flexibility. 

We connect to our breath as the foundation for our movements and our health

In our resting postures and in meditation, we establish a foundation of self-awareness and peaceful abiding with what is. 

We become more aware of a foundation within us which does not shift. We come to know our firmament. As we become more familiar with it, when we are presented with occasions to react, when we are faced with a prompt or a trigger, we can eventually pause and consciously decide how willing we are to be pulled to the far reaches, to be stretched, to bend with the wind in any direction. 

You may have seen images of monks meditating in all climates and weather conditions. They sit solidly rooted no matter the circumstances. We are not monks, but perhaps we can become less reactive, less inclined to move off of our foundation. We come to love the refuge of abiding solidly in our firmament and over time we are less inclined to give into reactivity. 💙🙏