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How to Stop Carjackers

On some days, during certain moments, you know exactly where you are going. You are just where you want to be, or well on your way to that place. The ride is smooth, the horizon is clear and --sailing takes you away to where you've always heard it could be! (Sorry if you are too young to remember Christopher Cross). 
In other moments, you are in your vehicle (your body), cruising along to a destination of your choosing and WHAM! Something or someone collides with you and the vehicle halts, or sputters, or veers off course. In those moments you need to keep a good head about you for quick repairs, readjusting course and resuming your route! If you want to reach your destination--other than an exploding vehicle--your worst case scenario is a carjacking. You get knocked out of the driver's seat and somebody else steers you in an entirely different direction. 
Can you relate to being carjacked? I can. Just last night after an enjoyable weekend spent with family and friends in bea…

Making the Unconscious Conscious

Do you like to remember your dreams? Can you prolong your dreams, or continue them when you go back to sleep after waking? I can answer 'yes' to both questions, though not most of the time. The times I do remember my dreams or go in and out of sleep to continue them, I feel fortunate. Dreams are a gift--even nightmares. They uncover key insights from our subconscious mind and serve as lessons from our own inner teacher.

In our awake lives, we would all choose to be awakened, if we could. No one wants to live as a prisoner to forces beyond her control, forces she is largely unaware of, pulling invisible strings behind a black curtain. Those forces are the programs running in our unconscious mind, the beliefs, patterns, fears and desires that run us so long as we run from them. 
It's not all bad, though! Our unconscious mind also harbors thrills, delights and revelations that are the stuff of magic. Our imaginations get close to expressing the power and beauty of our uncons…

Under the Weather

My father-in-law gets aggravated by meteorologists. He wants accurate weather forecasting because he runs a seasonal business and most of the work is performed outside. He rants about weather conditions and unreliable weather reports, amusing his family members and associates. His weather monologues are predictable and quite funny.

My husband says that I also take weather conditions and inaccurate forecasting personally. I grew up in Missouri, a relatively agrarian state compared to New York (where we now live), and talking about the weather was a given in any conversation. People said things like, "Welcome to Missouri! If you don't like the weather, just wait five will change!" Here on Earth, the weather certainly changes a lot (unless you live in the desert, or San Diego). 
The Missouri weather hyperbole, "wait five minutes and it will change," can be used just about anywhere, and, truthfully... it can be applied to almost anything in life! Thin…

How To Win In Yoga

Have you ever won first place in a race, in a pie eating contest, or in a spelling bee? Ever finish at the top of your class or score the highest on an exam? Ever been named MVP of your team? Are you competitive? If not, does it matter in yoga? If so, can you bring that quality to your yoga practice? 
The third niyama (observance) from the Yoga Sutras is tapas, which is translated as fiery discipline. The word tapas contains notions of heat, self-discipline and unquenchable drive. The Sanskrit verb "tap" means "to burn." Tapas in our yoga practice is the consistent and passionate effort we bring to our mats each time we practice, and it is also the determination we bring to our lives off the mat. Tapas is a willingness to show up and do the work, day in and day out. 
Will you be the best in your yoga class if you consistently observe tapas in your practice? Perhaps. To know for sure might require a panel of judges, which is an unlikely scenario... so you may never kn…