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Objectivity is Happiness

A fundamental goal in practicing yoga, or any type of meditation, is to guide our minds to a state of objectivity.  We are training the mind to perceive things clearly and objectively.  

What does it mean to be objective? Here is a definition: (of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts; not dependent on the mind for existence; actual.

To perceive situations and events objectively is difficult. Nonetheless, when we can do it consistently, we will experience more peace and happiness.

If you want to find a quick example of how difficult it is to be objective, and how much it helps when we can be, think of the last time you or someone close to you told a story about being ticked off.  

A few days ago my friend told me about his bad week at work. He said he had been in a bunch of meetings with a person who was unprepared and who talked out of turn. This same person was chosen for a job that he had applied for within t…