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Sermon: Up from the Waters

As you have undoubtedly gathered by now, from the music, the scripture reading and the altar, we are celebrating water today. We are paying attention to the transformative and healing qualities of this essential element, and we are focusing more particularly on the importance given to water purification rituals in the world’s many faith traditions.  For generations, people from all corners of the world have given water a central role in the way they relate to the Divine.  So I am asking the question, why is this so?  What is the purpose of the Jewish mikveh or Christian baptism? Who do Muslims practice ablutions before prayers? Why do Hindus wash in the Ganges River? What’s the fascination with water and spirituality all about? 
Let’s start with the universal spiritual significance of water.  It is a symbol of clarity and purity in every religion.  Cleansing by water is part of our collective spiritual consciousness, and even more fundamentally, it is an unavoidable part of existence …