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Karma as Energetic Momentum

Karma is a term that is often overused, misused or misunderstood in our culture.  At our recent interfaith seminary retreat, we had a lengthy discussion about karma and fatalism, and we came to some optimistic conclusions.  I won't exhaustively define karma here, because my goal is rather to share the refreshing ideas some of us are using to frame karma in the work we are doing. 

As an introductory suggestion, I will simply point out that there are two types of karma we deal with throughout our lives: 1. Karma we are born with coming into this life (this concept is found in most every religion, eg. original sin), and 2. Karma we create and manipulate through our present experiences.

I like to think of karma as a sort of momentum, an invisible undercurrent we ride along from year to year, from day to day, from moment to moment and experience to experience.  Sometimes we are completely unaware of it, and other times it hits us in the face, and we may exclaim, "This is karma!&…