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Summer Cinema Wish List

Jamie and I can't seem to get our shit together enough to be able to watch any movies.  After our kids are in bed, he usually does work while I study.  In addition, our weekends are no longer about doing fun things as a couple.  This summer, some of that is about to change.  
This is going to be the summer of Netflix.  I am declaring this.  It is so.  I have compiled this list of movies I really want to watch with Jamie, even if we have to stay up until 1 a.m. to make it happen.  People need less sleep in the summer.  A few of these are favorites we want to re-view, and others are simply ones we have missed.  We are looking for more suggestions, if anybody thinks they can improve upon this list.  We need to up our culture factor, so independent or foreign film recommendations are most welcome.  Also, please comment if you have tricks for making your evenings with small children go more smoothly, or if you know of good ways to prioritize couple time (or culture time). 

The Fulcrum of the Search Unknown

A fellow student in my clinical pastoral training class wrote a poem about the instructor and each of the students and presented them to us at our last class.  I won't reveal her name, but I will treasure what she wrote about me forever, because I think she was able to see each one of us at a precise moment of our lifetimes, capturing that image like a photograph with her words:

The Gift of Michelle; A Legacy of Love
Somber strides through the dark mistSpirited spiraling pirouettes in the pristine meadow
But not getting any nearerThe heart of the search unknown
Living life, growing children, enveloping loveTurning cornersSearching, unknownShedding what was, moving beyondWounds healed, scars remainHurt, anger, forgivenessCan one forgive all?Acceptance, moving onNot getting any nearerThe heart of the search unknown
Moving towards destination unknownThe answer is clear; somewhere
You are not solely the book you write, things you do, titles you wearYou are here to share the God part of you…