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The Resurrection as Samadhi

Studying to become an interfaith minister while attending and working for a Lutheran church is opening up some interesting Pandora's boxes for me.  I need to write this down today for the sake of my sanity. 

I have been obsessed with the Resurrection lately.  I am trying to make sense of the Christian belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus and his promised Second Coming, which will bring about the Resurrection of the faithful and usher in the era of the New Creation.  For the past year, while attending my church, I have been hearing a lot about the need for an "embodied" Christianity.  I have also been reading quite a bit about "embodied" spiritual practice in the contexts of Buddhism and Yoga.  I am beginning to hate the word "embodied," a real buzz word for religion geeks, apparently. 

I love Jesus.  I also love Buddhist philosophy and practice, and Yoga is my primary spiritual path.  In each of these belief systems, there is an emphasis on how…

Tantra as Spiritual Devotion

When most of us hear the words “tantra” or “tantric,” we envision some kind of mysterious, sexual cult.  This is how tantra has been depicted in Western media; I think of scenes from the American Pie movies involving Finch and Stifler’s mom.   Tantra is not an obscure sex cult from India.  It is indeed from India, and among its many teachings, there are indeed instructions on how to evolve spiritually through elevating one’s sex life to a refined and sublime state.  And yet, there is much more to Tantra than Finch’s chosen method to seduce Stifler’s mom.  Like Yoga, Tantra is a spiritual and scientific system developed over thousands of years.  According to some scholars, it was first taught in India over 7,000 years ago, but the teachings were all contained within oral traditions.  Certain Indian pandits believe Tantra to be the continuation of the original Indian aboriginal traditions, predating the Indo-European Aryan invasion which brought the Vedic religion to India.  The specifi…