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The Nanny

"When I am a mother, I am never going to do what she does."  Words like those always come back to haunt you.  Opinions I had as a twenty-two year old nanny in Paris have changed now that I am a mom. 

There are some similarities between me and the mother of the two boys I nannied as a graduate student.  I remember greatly admiring my boss.  She was a beautiful Parisian fashion designer who worked for a famous department store.  Her husband was a sculptor and film set designer who traveled the world for his job.  They were the epitome of cool.  I was happy to find out that she had her kids in her mid-thirties.  That was my plan, too.  She had two boys close in age.  That's not something you can plan, but eventually so did I.

I now find that my critiques of the hip parents I worked for are behaviors I am repeating.  I used to wonder why these working parents wanted me to come take their kids out of the house on Saturdays.  My boss told me she needed some time alone to sle…