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Unity Through Yoga

A group of apparently disconnected bodies moves through a space together for a short time.  When the time is over, the bodies chant the sound of "om" and then bow to one another saying, "namaste."  There is now a discernable connection.  This connection is healing and it feels like peace, power and unity. 

My favorite translation of "namaste" is this: May the light in me respect and reflect the light in you.  My teacher Sinda says this at the close of her classes.  This weekend I attended a class taught by Freddie Wyndham.  When he said "namaste," he also said "shalom."  I was very touched by this.  With Passover and Easter on the horizon, he wished each of us a happy celebration according to our individual faith.  I was inspired by his ability to unite a random group of people with a single purpose: Love.  He reminded us that Love is at the core of our being and Love is our true identity.  I experienced Love during his class. 

Not c…

Alcohol and the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

It is common knowledge that the world's major religions do not condone drunkenness.  Nonetheless, the abuse of alcohol continues to thrive in many cultures worldwide, particularly in wealthier nations.  Many people who claim to be, or who indeed are religious or spiritual continue to drink alcohol.  Until recently, I was certainly one of those people. 

For most of my life I was able to tolerate moderately high alcohol consumption.  I started drinking in high school and hadn't really stopped recreational drinking until recently.  I was never abusing alcohol to the point of addiction or damage to my health, but I was a regular social drinker.  When I first met my husband, we spent a great deal of time in bars together.  Most of our family members drink or used to drink recreationally.  In the past, splitting a bottle of wine with my husband at dinner was normal behavior for me, even after having children.  This is no longer true.  Why?  My body simply cannot tolerate more than …

Chick Chalet

Once upon an early March, Gabrielle invited two friends to stay the weekend at her ski chalet.  She was tired from a Wall Street week, yet eagerly anticipating teaching ski lessons and hanging out at night with her girlfriends. 

Gabrielle took the bus to the mountain on Thursday.  She was brusquely greeted by deep and crunchy snow covering the path to the front door.  Once inside, she discovered Jack passed out on the couch with her comforter.  The gall!  Something smelled funny.  "Jack, wake up! My friends are visiting this weekend!  It reeks in here! Can you go air out that comforter?"  Gabrielle busily set about tidying the chalet from a week of male fallout. 

Finally, at 7:15 Anaya arrived with her rolly carry-on bag, pillow and stuffed panda bear.  Gabrielle fielded a series of cell phone calls with questions like, "After I turn into the entrance and go over the bridge what stop sign is the one?"  "OK, now I'm in front of a sign that reads, Lodging …