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Who's Your Aquarius?

“Who’s your Daddy?” is a commonplace phrase, generally asked as a rhetorical question suggesting dominance over the interlocutor. My Daddy is an Aquarius. The Sun is in the astrological sign of Aquarius from January 21 through February 19. Aquarians are known to be original, inventive, unconventional, independent, friendly and humanitarian. My father embodies each of those qualities. They are also known to be perverse and unpredictable at times. “Fanatical eccentricity” is another trait listed on the profile, and I wholeheartedly agree with that one.

Growing up with an Aquarian father has been a real adventure for me, complete with ups and downs. On the whole my feelings for my father are quite warm. I have learned a great deal from his openness and intellectual curiosity. His birthday present from me is a tribute to his Aquarian voyage through life up to now.

Aquarians are known for changing directions in their open search for truth. These individuals are not …

Buttoned Up: Eliminate Mental Clutter

Buttoned Up, Inc. is an innovative company "whose mission is to give women the tools they need to live an organized life not a life of organization."  Four women founded the company in 2004.  At, you can find "free life organization tips, tools and help from organizational gurus,"  as well as a variety of useful organizational products for sale.  I consider myself lucky to have one of these gurus living in my community.  Sarah Welch was kind enough to invite me to post on the company website.  My angle on getting buttoned up is to start from the inside.  Check it out:

Circle of Faith

In the wake one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of our lifetimes, I was able to find some comfort last week when I attended a Native American healing circle.  Healing is not only for our bodies, but also for our minds and spirits.  This was my first experience with a healing circle.  Each participant arrived with different worries and pains.  As I discovered, the circle was a collective rendering of prayer and praise to the Creator allowing for the healing of collective and individual hurts.  An attitude of reverence and gratitude was modeled and then followed.  This created a sacred space for expression, celebration, confession and edification. 

The healing circle was held at Human Body Works in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.  The Reverend Christan Burran, also known as Walking Deer Woman, presided over the ceremony.  Rev. Burran is an Interfaith Minister of Cherokee ancestry.  She has over 15 years of training with Native Elders in Sacred ceremony.  I was immediately interes…

Living Your Yoga @ Mount Madonna Center

Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., P.T., led a four day yoga retreat from January 8-12, 2010 at Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville, California.  My expression of joy and gratitude for the gift of attending this retreat is contained herein.

I.  The Encapsulated Experience

The "Living Your Yoga" retreat was based in part on Judith's book, A Year of Living Your Yoga.  Those of us who attended experienced both refuge and stimulation of the mind, body and spirit in a uniquely supportive and nourishing environment.  The expertise and insight of Judith Lasater and her gifted colleagues blended harmoniously with the enlightened mission of the Mount Madonna Center, providing an extraordinary opportunity for holistic restoration. 

II.  Personal Perspective

I came into the retreat as a relative neophyte.  My own experience with yoga consists of a decade of sporadic gym yoga classes in NYC and Paris as a younger woman, one excellent pre-natal yoga class at a reputable studio in Brookly…

Avoiding Zombieland in Marriage

I haven't given much thought to the topic of swinging lately, as in non-monogamous sex experienced within a married couple.  We all hear the occasional joke about swingers, or say something in jest such as, "Oh, we didn't know you guys were into swinging!"  Honestly when I hear the word, the first thing I think of is a kiddie playground, hence my surprise upon receiving an invitation to join a swingers club via my Meetup membership! 

Perhaps you have heard of the internet networking site, Meetup.  As you might imagine, like other cities the greater New York area has a fairly large number of participants looking to find like-minded individuals to share common interests.  I first encountered upon moving to the suburbs from NYC with a new baby.  I was looking to meet new moms so I got onto the mailing list for new parenting meetup groups.  I initially joined two mommy groups, but now I ignore or delete most of the announcements.  Luckily the title of the new…