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Tonglen Meditation for All

Tonglen is a Tibetan word which means "giving and receiving." Tonglen meditation is a breath based Tibetan Buddhist practice designed to take in and transform suffering for the benefit of all beings. Tonglen practice is generally introduced to people who already have a meditation practice and are familiar with using the breath in meditation; however, one can begin a Tonglen practice without former meditation experience. In fact, Tonglen is a practice holding such strong appeal for many of us who desire to help ourselves and others that it can ignite a true passion for meditation in a complete beginner. It feels like making a difference with our meditation, even though ALL meditation makes a positive difference! Those who have experienced prayer may feel a connection with Tonglen.

So what is the practice? How do you do it? If you can breathe with awareness, Tonglen is not a difficult technique. Sit comfortably with a straight spine and rest your hands in your lap (no particul…