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Resilience Reminders

I am so thankful for the gifts of reading and writing, two of the keys to my spiritual progress. I don't read as many books as a bona fide bookworm, but when I do read, I really let the words sink in deeply. Have you ever read a book and felt like the author was writing directly to you, as if the book were a message to your own unique spiritual family, the author being your brother, or mother, or father, or sister? I just read a book like that, Through the Flames, by Allan Lokos. The lyrics from the song, Virginia Woolf, by the Indigo Girls, come to mind:

Some will strut and some will fretSee this an hour on the stageOthers will not but they'll sweatIn their hopelessness in their rageWe're all the same the men of angerAnd the women of the page
They published your diaryAnd that's how I got to know youThe key to the room of your ownAnd a mind without end
And here's a young girlOn a kind of a telephone line through timeAnd the voice at the other endComes like a long los…

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Do actions speak louder than words? I fill up this blog with words, but I will turn up the volume now and show some actions (bits and pieces of my practice). I will try to make videos from time to time and share them here. My yoga practice is simply another form of expression. Post your own video in a comment. I'd love to "hear" from you.