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Life in the Fire

This temporal life in the body is in some ways a burning at the stake.We pull up our pitiful feet protecting themfrom the climbing flames of anger, delusion and desire.Because of Christ, we knowthat we shall not be burnednot our souls.Our essential selves are saved from the fire.But the waiting is long.The pain is difficult to endure.The Buddha is a trainer and an anesthesiologist.When we are suffering in our minds and in our bodies,as the flames graze the skin,following Buddha's way,the heat does not scorch us.The fire makes no penetration. 

On Christianity

As I continue learning and writing about the faiths of the world, I have mixed feelings when it comes to a month-long focus on Christianity, which has been my personal faith from childhood.  At times this study program seems absurd to me in the broad brush strokes we are forced to make in our sweeping overview of the multi-faith universe.  However, I have incorporated feelings and perspectives here which are intensely personal for me, so as to temper the superficial coolness of objectivity with some of the heart's fire. 
CHRISTIANITY 1.Read “The Historical Jesus.” Smith states that “Jesus stood in the tradition of spirit-filled mediators.”  Summarize the meaning of this in one sentence.
To be a “spirit-filled mediator” is to build a bridge between two domains, working concretely within the physical realm, while bringing forth gifts of teaching and healing inspired directly by the eternal, spiritual source of all power.
2.How would you describe the way Jesus’ beliefs and his “vision …

In Defense of Facebook

I live 1,275 miles from the town where I grew up.  Some of the closest friends I have live a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 7,970 miles away from me.  I am an extrovert.  I don't interact with colleagues or clients throughout the day like I did a few years back.  It is for these reasons that I continue to use and love Facebook, in spite of my recent 40 day break from it, and in defiance of solid, scientifically based criticism of its misuse. 

An author and Facebook "friend" posted this fun little piece about Facebook yesterday:

Sometimes using Facebook makes me feel like an asshole, and people who would rather be receiving regular phone calls from me (i.e. my mother) have pointed out that my time would be better spent in face to face or voice to voice contact.  I truthfully wish that I could spend time in person with all of my family members every day, and that I could call each fri…