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Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall

This week we had a freak accident in our house.  While we were out for the day, the mirror in our master bathroom fell off the wall, hitting the sink handle on its way down.  The sink was running full blast for hours, flooding the bathroom with water that drained into the basement through light fixtures in the ceiling.  Upon our return, it was quite a sight to behold: flooded bathroom, flooded playroom, buckling ceiling. 
The incredible element of this story is not the freaky domino effect of the mirror turning on the water and the water running through basement light fixtures.  That is a somewhat believable chain of events.  What's really odd is that the mirror, having hit three hard surfaces, metal and tile, and landing face down on the floor...remained unbroken.  The only damage to the mirror was a small crack in its frame.  As I waded through the bathroom and turned the mirror over, I was pleasantly surprised to find it had not shattered.  My Scottish father-in-law said our fa…

More Yin, please...

It’s supposed to be Yin/Yang.  I feel like my life is Yang/Yin/Yang.  There’s a whole lotta Yang with a little Yin thrown in sometimes.  Yin and Yang being abstract concepts, I’ll offer my own interpretation here.  I have always learned that Yin is the softer, more feminine, receptive and passive side of experience.  Some say it is darker.  Yang is the active, strong, masculine and productive side. 
To me, meditation feels more Yin and prayer feels more Yang.  When I pray, I talk to God, often out loud.  When I meditate (far less often these days) I am quiet and still. 
With my two young sons and my boisterous husband, I feel like I am constantly surrounded by the Yang element.  So far, I am also an aunt to boys only.  I grew up with sisters.  Fortunately one of them is pregnant with a girl!  Until I was 15, I saw my sisters part time since they have a different Mom.  When I was not at their house, I was living with my Mom.  I had my own prissy little room.  I daydreamed a lot.  I spe…