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Meeting Fear with Acceptance-Teach it to Your Child

My meditation practice and my parenting are beginning to intersect in exciting ways that I want to share.  Specifically I have been able to apply lessons I am learning about responding to negative thoughts and emotions with acceptance to alleviate my son’s bedtime fears. 
My four year old son Alec has recently been talking to me about “scary” things he sees in his mind.  Since his verbal skills have advanced, he is now able to voice his fears to me.  Since we moved into our new house, he has been talking about the “scary birds” he sees when he closes his eyes or tries to go to sleep.  The first time he talked to me about the scary birds, I asked him if they were right there in the room with us and if I could see them too.  He said, “You can’t see them, Mom.”  I replied, “Can you see the birds in your mind?”  He nodded.  I asked, “Where are they?  Are they out here or in your mind?”  He hesitated before answering, “In my mind.”  I asked what they looked like, how many of them he coul…